Maple roasted rhubarb

This week, on ‘Ridiculously easy and therefore dangerous desserts’, is one of my favourites.┬áIn Southern California, where our seasons are beyond comprehension to the layperson, rhubarb appears in the spring and fall, but only for a few weeks in each. I don’t know if it’s the same where you are. When it’s available, my favourite … Continue reading

The best brownies I’ve ever had.

These are serious brownies. They’re not low-carb. Or fermented. Or remotely healthy, unless you count the bioflavanoids in the serious amount of chocolate you’ve got here… but really, who am I kidding. Nobody eats brownies because they need to make their diet healthier. People eat brownies because they’re delicious. Me included. When I say that … Continue reading

Buffalo Osso Bucco

My parents only live an hour away from me, so I often pop down there just to say hi. One such time, a couple of years ago, I got there and they were out. So I texted my mum, who responded with a “back in a bit, food in the fridge” and I went to … Continue reading

I have an idea…

I was leafing through David Lebovitz’ “Ready for Dessert” today, thinking how much I would like to make absolutely everything in it. And then I was thinking how much more fun it would be if, once a month, we all made the same recipe from the book, and compared notes, and took pictures, and shared … Continue reading