Beet Kvass– nicer than it sounds

This post is a part of the Two for Tuesday Blog hop. The first time I ever tried beet kvass, I drank it for the health benefits alone. My mind couldn’t get around the salty beet flavour, and, as it turned out, my gut couldn’t either. My digestion wasn’t that great at the time, and … Continue reading

Lavender-honey ice cream

I kinda have a thing for lavender. It started when I was at university in Santa Barbara. I was a junk-food vegan. That is, a person who is vegan who eats nothing but vegan junk foods– vegan cookies, vegan muffins, vegan pasta dishes– and assumes that they’re healthy because of the vegan label. On one … Continue reading

Chicken Livers Redux

Visits to my grandparents’ house for dinner were always a double edged sword: on one side, I’d get to see them, get lots of love, hang out, eat the chocolates that are for guests only (did your grandparents have the chocolate stash too?). On the other, I’d have to, inevitably, eat chopped liver. My grandparents … Continue reading

A salted caramel frozen yogurt recipe… or, ‘when life gives you a failed yogurt experiment’

I had ordered a few different cultures from— a viili culture, and a matsoni yogurt culture. There are special instructions to make these things with raw milk, and in my excitement, I tried to get them going a bit faster by keeping them next to the stove. I didn’t realise at the time, but … Continue reading

If you’re gonna eat liver…

Let me start this post by letting you know that I hate liver. In fact, it’s not even hatred, it’s complete and utter revulsion. So imagine my surprise a few months ago when I was walking past the meat counter in Whole Foods and my body started craving liver upon sight. Who would dare to … Continue reading