Maple roasted rhubarb

This week, on ‘Ridiculously easy and therefore dangerous desserts’, is one of my favourites.┬áIn Southern California, where our seasons are beyond comprehension to the layperson, rhubarb appears in the spring and fall, but only for a few weeks in each. I don’t know if it’s the same where you are. When it’s available, my favourite … Continue reading

Fried plantains

The first time I had a fried plantain, it was in Los Angeles. Jam had been talking about this local Cuban restaurant for years, but since he only mentioned the pork dish, and since, despite certain rebellions on Yom Kippur, I am at heart a Jewish girl, I couldn’t bring myself to get excited about … Continue reading

Glazed carrots

Did I ever tell you about the time that I learned about peeling carrots before cooking? No? I was working in a kitchen at the time– I had no professional cooking experience whatsoever, and lucked out at an organic cafe that needed a friendly counter-service person. It was the best, funnest, most informative and hardest … Continue reading