Lemon Buttermilk Ice Cream

It’s over 100 degrees outside, and I’m in a foul mood. Things I want to do include: 1. Sit in the fridge (it’s too full) 2. Sit in the freezer (it’s too small) 3. Cry in frustration (I can’t afford to waste the water or electrolytes) 4. Eat cold things. This, I can do something … Continue reading

Fried plantains

The first time I had a fried plantain, it was in Los Angeles. Jam had been talking about this local Cuban restaurant for years, but since he only mentioned the pork dish, and since, despite certain rebellions on Yom Kippur, I am at heart a Jewish girl, I couldn’t bring myself to get excited about … Continue reading

Lemon Polenta Cake

This post is a part of the Hearth and Soul food carnival. When my little sister was very young– she must have been 3 or so– she decided to make a cake on her own. She dragged a chair around the kitchen, to gather milk, and eggs, and butter, and flour and cocoa. By the … Continue reading

Spicy sourdough nectarine upside down cake.

Another wild hair. Yesterday, while waiting for my bread dough to finish resting, while watching Jamie make ten pounds of tomatoes disappear into pomodoro sauce, while relaxing after a long day of hiking and cooking and writing, I was absentmindedly browsing through the archives over at Wild Yeast, where I came across a recipe for … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Eskot!

Today (well, technically, in one hour), Scott turns 42. Here’s a picture of him on his 40th birthday with his best friend, the foraging Hedgehog (who had recently shaved his spines), mic in hand, singing along to Journey. Scott is a mensch. And because he is a mensch, I baked him a birthday cake. Well, … Continue reading

Sweet Chili Sauce

Let me tell you a little bit about the man I married. Or one specific thing about him: his love for anything spicy. I’m not just talking spicy, because I can handle a chilli pepper or two, I’m talking ‘are you effing insane’ spicy. The kind of spiciness that makes your tongue feel like it’s … Continue reading

Home made pasta (or, how a girl was converted).

I don’t like pasta. I know, that sounds awfully cold– like I just hit pasta with a fly-swatter. That’s not what I meant at all. Let me explain: In 2001, while in Rome with my sister, Nikki, and my friend, Adrienne, we found ourselves hungry and tired and lost. We stumbled under a railroad track, … Continue reading

Feelin’ Peachy

This post is a part of the Two-For-Tuesday blog carnival!!! Today, I had the most fantastic stroke of luck ever: our friends who were going out of town gave us their CSA box for the week, and in it were mostly nectarines. All of this the day after I had picked up about 5 lb … Continue reading

Two for tuesday: Compound butter and a roast chicken that will blow your socks off.

This blog is a [belated] part of the two-for-tuesday blog carnival. I’m into local herbs. I mean, I’m sure you’re gathering that from my poetical waxings about what’s in bloom, and the pictures I take of the herbs in my garden, and stuff like that. It’s more than a trendy thing, or an ethical thing, … Continue reading

Home made mayonnaise

I highly recommend that you try it. I used Julia Child’s basic proportions, just cut down since it’s only me eating it tonight. 1 egg, 1/8 tsp mustard, few shakes of salt, 1/2 tbsp lemon juice, and olive oil until it stopped emulsifying. I used a hand whisk. It was really easy. And with some … Continue reading