Beet Kvass– nicer than it sounds

This post is a part of the Two for Tuesday Blog hop. The first time I ever tried beet kvass, I drank it for the health benefits alone. My mind couldn’t get around the salty beet flavour, and, as it turned out, my gut couldn’t either. My digestion wasn’t that great at the time, and … Continue reading

The home-roast (how easy it is)

All it took was one read of this blog post, and I was desperate to try it. And boy, am I glad that I did. I Ebay ordered a popcorn popper (the West Bend Poppery II) and ordered some green beans from Sweet Maria’s. It works out a lot cheaper than buying it freshly roasted … Continue reading

Ginger brew.

I don’t really feel very summery today, even though it’s hot outside, and the sun is shining. Even though I can hear my neighbour’s kids playing outside, and my kitchen is filled with tomatoes and berries, I feel kinda wintery and lazy. Luckily, this ginger brew is good for both hot summers and cold winters … Continue reading