Grilled Peaches, with Strawberry Basil Puree

My eyes are bigger than my stomach.

I’ve been told this countless times. I blame it on liking things a little too much.

Like nectarines, for example. I like them so much that I’ll buy five pounds of them at the market, and then they’ll all go ripe at the same time, and then I have five pounds of nectarines that I need to eat, preserve, or cook.

Luckily, I like nectarines. Really really like them. And I’ve been eating them constantly– about 3 a day. And preserving them is kinda fun too. And at the beginning of the summer, I am pretty sure that I’ll never get sick of eating stone fruit or tomatoes. However August is here, and I’m starting to get a little bit sick of eating stone fruit and tomatoes.

But not to fear. With a few more weeks of summer to go, I am not giving up that easily. No sir-ee.

Grilled Peaches with Strawberry-basil Puree

6 peaches, halfed, stones removed.

red chilli flakes

olive oil

1/2 bag frozen strawberries (or 1 punnet of fresh)

2 tb butter

10 basil leaves, chopped finely

cream, to serve

Half all of the peaches, and dispose of the stones (or throw them into a jar to make a brandy tincture). Drizzle each peach half with a little olive oil, then rub it all over, and fully coat it with your hands. Sprinkle with the red chili flakes, and let sit until you’re ready to cook them.

While the grill is getting nice and hot, melt the butter in a small saucepan, and then add the strawberries. Cook on a low heat for about 10 minutes, until the strawberries are very soft, then mash with a potato masher, or blend in a blender.

Throw the peaches on a medium-high heat grill– skin side first, for about 4 minutes. Then flip them, and cook for another 5 minutes. There should be some pretty sear-marks in them, and they should be warmed through though not roasting hot, and not losing their shape yet. If they start to get too soft before the 5 minutes is up, then remove from the heat earlier.

Re-warm the strawberry puree, and throw in the basil. Cook for 1 minute, then spoon onto a plate, place a peach on top, and drizzle with cream.

Sprinkle in the chopped basil, and cook, over low heat for another minute.

5 Responses to “Grilled Peaches, with Strawberry Basil Puree”
  1. Ok, now that’s really clever, sprinkling them chile flakes to cut through the sweetness.

    Your season is so far ahead of mine. I still haven’t had my first garden tomato, and only just had my first tree-ripened apricots two days ago. So I’m still at the pretty sure I could never eat too many stage 🙂

  2. Great seasonal recipe! I’ll bet this is incredible on pancakes!

    Would love it if you would consider sharing this blog or another post at Monday Mania. Hope to see you there!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by Monday Mania to share this! I hope you will share more of your posts at future editions!

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