Beet Kvass– nicer than it sounds

This post is a part of the Two for Tuesday Blog hop. The first time I ever tried beet kvass, I drank it for the health benefits alone. My mind couldn’t get around the salty beet flavour, and, as it turned out, my gut couldn’t either. My digestion wasn’t that great at the time, and … Continue reading

Karla’s Birthday Cake

It was my favourite neighbour’s birthday on Friday. I (with the help of her lovely daughter, Charlotte) made her a flourless chocolate cake, from David Lebovitz’ Ready for Dessert. This cake is rich and decadent. It’s thick and it sticks to your spoon, almost like a cooked chocolate mousse. We paired it with ice cream, … Continue reading

Beet and Tomato Relish

I planted beets, and then forgot about them. This is why I don’t have a blooming vegetable garden– I get sidetracked by things, forget about them, they wither and die, or else turn into bitter monsters, either way, I render many things inedible. I don’t know what happened with these beets. Or what turned them … Continue reading

The best brownies I’ve ever had.

These are serious brownies. They’re not low-carb. Or fermented. Or remotely healthy, unless you count the bioflavanoids in the serious amount of chocolate you’ve got here… but really, who am I kidding. Nobody eats brownies because they need to make their diet healthier. People eat brownies because they’re delicious. Me included. When I say that … Continue reading

Nectarine custard cake

This post is a part of the Two for Tuesday blog-hop. Have I ever told you guys about my neighborhood in Los Angeles? I think it’s the best neighbourhood there is. The Farmer’s Market is a five-minute walk away. The Beverly Centre is two. It sits there and looms over me like a centinel of … Continue reading

Grilled Salmon with Salsa Verde

I moved to this tiny little studio apartment a few years ago. And one of the few things I toted along with me was my little charcoal grill. It was quite silly, looking back, as they’re super cheap to come by, but I loved it, and I moved it to quite a few places. Even … Continue reading

Grilled Peaches, with Strawberry Basil Puree

My eyes are bigger than my stomach. I’ve been told this countless times. I blame it on liking things a little too much. Like nectarines, for example. I like them so much that I’ll buy five pounds of them at the market, and then they’ll all go ripe at the same time, and then I … Continue reading

Two for Tuesday blog hop!! Preserved lemons.

This post is a part of the Two-For-Tuesday blog carnival. To see my post on the medicinal properties of lemon, click HERE. When my family moved to California 12 years ago, we planted a lemon tree in the garden outside my bedroom. It must have been the perfect spot (or on top of radioactive waste), … Continue reading

Citrus medica var. limonum: Lemon

Common name: Lemon Botanical name: Citrus medica var. limonum Taste: sour, cool, dry Tongue: swollen, red tip Pulse: Rapid, soggy All citrus fruits help digestion, and keep the energy of the body flowing smoothly. Lemon, specifically, is cooling (where orange is more heating), and acts directly on a stagnant liver. Liver stagnation is fairly common … Continue reading

Buffalo Osso Bucco

My parents only live an hour away from me, so I often pop down there just to say hi. One such time, a couple of years ago, I got there and they were out. So I texted my mum, who responded with a “back in a bit, food in the fridge” and I went to … Continue reading