empty jars

Now that I’m done with school for a few weeks, I can actually get out and walk and enjoy the late spring weeds that grow around here. Yesterday I went to my favourite little trail in Topanga Canyon. It’s such a diverse little area. In fact this whole area is. The wild cherries are getting big and green. I saw some tiger lilies hanging over the trail. Wild mint in profusion, growing out of a stream. I brought home some black sage and matijila poppies– the former to make an elixir with, and the latter to dry for teas for upset stomach.

Drying herbs is unbelievably easy– just gather them into bundles, wrap with elastic bands, and hang somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight, until the herbs are brittle. Pictured here is black sage, white sage, and matilija poppy:

Having dried herbs on hand to make teas with makes me really happy. I’ve always collected little bits and bobs– dried lavender, chamomile, things like that, but I didn’t know what to do with them, so they ended up sitting in their jars hidden away somewhere. A few years ago, Jam and I were on holiday, driving through England, and we stopped in Glastonbury for a few nights. There was this little new-agey shop called “Starchild” with a big heavy wooden door and bottles of herbs lining every wall. I walked in and fell in love, and from then on wanted to have my own little apothecary. Well I d0n’t have a big heavy wooden door, and my wee room full of herbs is slightly less dark and imposing, but my jars are filling up, as is my knowledge base.

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  1. Do you worry about light affectiing your dried herbs?

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