Cheesy polenta with pan-fried chillies.

This post is part of the two-for-Tuesday blog carnival. I picked up some anaheim chillies at the market this week. This might sound strange, living in Southern California and all, but I’d never actually cooked them, or really eaten them that much. Peppers just aren’t usually on my list of things that I’d go out … Continue reading

Watermelon and Feta salad

A few years ago, some Israeli friends came to visit me in August. We had a fantastically huge meal, and all collapsed on the couch in that semi-comatose state that one does after gorging oneself. And then one of them sat up and said “I’m going for watermelon”. I groaned. I forgot about Israelis and … Continue reading

Two-for-Tuesday: New potatoes

This post is a part of the Two for Tuesday blog carnival, at A Moderate Life. My family have always been into fresh foods. I guess I’m really lucky in that way– where most people in my generation grew up with TV dinners and packaged, processed things, I grew up with the seasons. In the … Continue reading

empty jars

Now that I’m done with school for a few weeks, I can actually get out and walk and enjoy the late spring weeds that grow around here. Yesterday I went to my favourite little trail in Topanga Canyon. It’s such a diverse little area. In fact this whole area is. The wild cherries are getting … Continue reading

Chicken Livers Redux

Visits to my grandparents’ house for dinner were always a double edged sword: on one side, I’d get to see them, get lots of love, hang out, eat the chocolates that are for guests only (did your grandparents have the chocolate stash too?). On the other, I’d have to, inevitably, eat chopped liver. My grandparents … Continue reading