Cheat Day Strawberry Clafoutis!

When Jamie and I first started dating, we both gained about 15 lbs. To say that our dating life revolved around food would be a bit of an exaggeration, but, very early on we decided that if the other had, for some weird reason, not enjoyed food, it would just never have worked out. Have … Continue reading

Sage on the brain

Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about it. Between sage ice cream, sage and vanilla cupcakes, sage and peach leaf tea, sage smudging, I’m about ready to go outside and roll around until I’m covered in it. Pictured: Salvia apiana (white sage) and salvia mellifera (black sage). the black sage is fully in bloom. The white … Continue reading

Gluten free chocolate cupcakes

I think I can safely say that the cupcake craze has swept the entire globe. Except perhaps some very rural areas in Georgia and central Afghanistan, and maybe a few tribes out in the Congo. Other than that, everybody loves cupcakes. Well, almost everybody loves cupcakes. Everybody except those fashionable people who jumped on the … Continue reading


When I was ten or so, a new Sainsbury’s opened up on the route that we sometimes took coming home from school. Either that or we detoured on purpose. I’m not sure if things like this are still exciting to grown-ups (though I admit I have gone out of my way to visit a new … Continue reading