3 days of sailing, a week in Hawaii, and it was the herb-gathering trip after I got back that did me in. What happened? I stopped taking high doses of cod liver oil because I thought I was out of the danger zone*.

But no. I spent about 4 1/2 hours out there having fun, encountering the biggest rattlesnake of my life (and subsequently doing the fastest sprint of my life), gathering elder flowers and oats and peppergrass and pineapple weed and golden smoke and sweet clover. When I got home I looked like an English person on holiday in the south of Spain. That is, I was lobster red.

Thanks to Kiva, I already had a batch of rose vinegar on hand (it was the first thing I read about on her blog– she had successfully used it for sunburn… I looked out my window and saw my neighbour’s roses, and made myself a batch immediately. Pretty soon after I started taking CLO and so have never needed it.). And it worked wonders. It pulls the heat off right away, lessens the pain, and turns the red a nice pretty golden colour. Just like if I’d been taking my cod liver oil.

And it’s so easy:

Fill a jar with rose petals. The more fragrant the better. Pack them down, then put some more in. Then, pour cider vinegar over the top, up to the brim. Leave to sit for a few weeks in a cool dark place. Just in time for summer.

*Ever since I started taking cod liver oil, I no longer get sunburn. In fact my skin turns such a lovely shade of, er, very very light brown, that I up my CLO dose every time I know I’m going to be spending any time out in the sun. 3 days of sailing would have done me in a few years ago, but this time I just went slightly pink, and by morning it was gone.


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