Spring harvest!

One of my favourite things about going to the market every week is the little routine I have for myself upon returning home to an empty house. I go through my usual (now very efficient) routine of getting the milk in the fridge, and the meat in the freezer, and the eggs on the egg shelf in the pantry, and then all of the veggies into the sink where I can soak them in water with a bit of hydrogen peroxide (or white vinegar right now because I’m out of H2O2)– a habit that I got into when trying a parasite cleanse a few years ago which left my fridge so efficiently prepared for cooking that I’ve been doing it ever since–and when everything is away, and the veggies are soaking, I make myself a hot cup of tea, survey the bounty, and decide what to make myself for lunch.

My thinking has always been this: since I am the one who goes out to FIND the treasure, I should be the one who gets to enjoy it first. And I do. With blissful indulgence I savour a meal that is my favourite kind of meal– a simple one, comprised of the freshest, most delicious ingredients, made with no pretension, and no cook book, that usually involves, at some point, the use of fingers to really enjoy it fully. I eat it (in the warm months) on my front stoop, watching the world go by, with a dreamy smile on my face.
Market day is my favourite day of the week.

Today, my harvest brought me this:
2 bunches of asparagus
3 cartons of eggs
2 gallons of raw milk
a punnet of incredible sweet strawberries
a basket of squash blossoms
red chard
a few winter squash that were still around
ground beef
parsley and cilantro
and some raw ricotta.

I’ve been thinking about asparagus for weeks now, and when it finally starts to show up en masse at the market I get a little giddy. Asparagus season is my favourite season. I get sick of it sometime in June, but that gives me a good few months to get my fill.

It was an obvious choice. My favourite way to cook asparagus is to saute it, in butter, with a little garlic and a little salt.

To top it off, a couple of fried farm-fresh eggs, and some parmesan.

So simple. So delicious. And just messy enough to be truly enjoyable.


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