My favourite Pate Sucree

Growing up in Glasgow, American pastry crusts were not a part of my digestive repertoire. My grandmother used to make these whole wheat pastry crusts that would probably make American pie aficionados do the horror movie scream but to my British palate, with my love of all things stodgy*, was pie crust perfection– that which … Continue reading

If you’re gonna eat liver…

Let me start this post by letting you know that I hate liver. In fact, it’s not even hatred, it’s complete and utter revulsion. So imagine my surprise a few months ago when I was walking past the meat counter in Whole Foods and my body started craving liver upon sight. Who would dare to … Continue reading


This is my second post ever and I think I might be a bad blogger. But, I tried cooking over a fire, and these are my results: Those are my herbs, simmering in water. And those are farm-fresh pastured eggs, simmering in bacon fat. A successful experiment, I think.