Ginger brew.

I don’t really feel very summery today, even though it’s hot outside, and the sun is shining. Even though I can hear my neighbour’s kids playing outside, and my kitchen is filled with tomatoes and berries, I feel kinda wintery and lazy. Luckily, this ginger brew is good for both hot summers and cold winters (though in the winter I’d be inclined to heat it up a little).


Ginger brews are an amazing electrolyte replenisher for hot summer days. Unlike regular electrolyte drinks that are laced with corn syrups, the lacto-fermentation process eats up most of the sugar (depending on when you drink it) and what remains is a delicious, refreshing, gingery, bubbly brew that is rich in enzymes, electrolytes and beneficial bacteria for your intestines. Perfect for hot summer days, or for sun-stroke, or when one is overheated and thirsty, but water can’t be stomached in large amounts.


1 inch of ginger per day, for at least a week.

water– enough to fill a biiig mason jar.

1/8 cup sugar per day. I use regular organic sugar. It’s not white sugar, it’s not brown sugar, it’s more of a light honey coloured sugar. It works. White sugar works too though.


Chop up one inch of ginger, and throw in mason jar. Add water, about a quarter of the way up, and add sugar. Leave it out somewhere– I leave mine on top of the fridge. Each day, for a week, continue to add an inch of chopped ginger and some sugar. After about a week, when you open the jar, it will start fizzing.*

Smell it.

If it smells amazing, then taste it. If it tastes amazing, you’re there.

Now for the fun part:

You can make any kind of soda with this “starter”– it’ll ferment a massive jar full of liquid in about 24 hours, though the longer you leave it, the more sugar is fermented out and the better for you it is, but I have been drinking mine constantly because it tastes so good and is just so good for you.

To make ginger beer: Top up the big jar with water, more sugar, and more ginger (approximate amounts– I used about 3 inches ginger, 1/2 cup sugar), and leave out for 24 hours, now you have a big jar of ginger soda.

To make nettle beer: Brew a strong nettle infusion (use dried or fresh nettle leaves in a jar, pour boiling water over the top, and leave out for 8 hours. Strain.), add sugar and ginger and some lemon juice.

To make lemonade: add ginger, lemon juice and sugar.

The options are endless.



*For the record, I forgot mine a couple of times during the week. It still turned out wonderfully.

4 Responses to “Ginger brew.”
  1. Mark says:

    Hey Bek,

    This looks really fantastic. I think I am going to start some when I get back from Maine in a week and a half.



  2. Lucie says:


  3. fairybekk says:

    Let me know how it goes Mark!

    Lu, if you want more, I have the biggest jar ever fermenting on top of the fridge, and I think I still have bubbles coming out my ears so there’s plenty to share…

  4. Mark says:

    Hey Bekka,

    I’ve been adding mine to apple juice lately and it tastes wonderful! I think when the apple cider around here is ready, the ginger brew would be a great addition. Also, my beer is pretty good from it as well. Enough to make me want to try and brew some more.

    Peace and Love,


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